Bank of America Carolina Panthers Announces New $50 Billion Environmental Solar Power & More!

Reading about Bank of American adding alternative energies investment will only lead to its biggest money maker the –Carolina Panthers Stadium!?

The last few years has been great for Solar Power here in NC, and on top of we have theCarolina Panthers on top of the NFL!

What a great way to show just how well Bank of America is about alternative energy and our environment then to add solar power to the Panthers Stadium?

Bank of America Stadium Carolina Panthers

With the Carolina Panthers going to Super bowl 50, the audience will continue to rise nationally and overseas. Having some type of display of the huge investment on the Panthers Stadium will send a message to the world that North Carolina is not just about the best NFL Team Carolina Panthers, but a leader in sustainable energy.

North Carolina leads the nation in acquiring solar power, and continues to become a huge factor in employment, investments, and growth to the overall sustainability to the state.

What a great time live in this beautiful state! Not only do we have the best sun for solar, but we also have some of the best sporting events in the world! The Carolina Panthers had a historical season going 15-1 and almost do what only a few teams can do.

If the Carolina Panthers win the Super Bowl 50 it would be HUGE for NC sports and the overall economy. The benefits of a winning team expand throughout the NC economy. Why not attract potential investor to North Carolina for investing in Solar, Wind, & all alternative energies?


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